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Education, Training, and Keynote addresses empower adults to cultivate BRAVE communities that better protect children from abuse.

Adult Education Presentations

  • 15 to 30-minute Introductory BRAVE Presentations
  • 60 to 90-minute BRAVE Presentations for Parents and Caring Adults
  • 90-minute BRAVE Presentations for Early Learners (Pre-K)
  • 90-minute *BRAVE Presentations for Youth-Serving Staff/Educators

BRAVE Training for Educators

  • 4-hour *BRAVE Workshop Instructor Training for Youth-Serving Organizations
  • 4 to 7-hour *BRAVE Curriculum Teacher Training (optional lesson-planning session)

*All training for youth-serving staff and teachers includes risk-reduction strategies to prevent adult sexual misconduct in educational settings.

Keynote Presentations by Founding Director, Erin Runnion

  • A Joyful Approach to Child Safety – Teaching Children Safety Without Scaring Them
  • Uniting Communities (Families, Schools, and Local Agencies) for Child Protection
  • Preventing Child Exploitation, Abuse, and Human Trafficking
  • Victim Impact Case-Study from a Mother’s Perspective for Law Enforcement
  • Protecting Joy through Poverty, Grief, Trauma, and Everyday Challenges

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In-person presentations are available if travel costs are covered by the host organization. The Joyful Child can also provide BRAVE Presentations through video conference and webinar platforms.