This is why I’m glad The Joyful Child exists

“I find it very satisfying how it all comes around:from a child who did not know that this kind of thing happens and his whole world exploding right in front of him, to finding this wonderful organization that aims to stop that from happening.”

I have been involved with The Joyful Child Foundation for four years. I am profoundly grateful to be part of an organization whose mission aligns with my own. It may seem bittersweet how I came across The Joyful Child Foundation but I see it as a blessing in disguise. I was sexually molested by my high school wrestling coach in the summer of 2009 and the abuse continued to 2011. I was fourteen at the time and the sexual abuse lasted till I was sixteen. In 2012, about a year after, a previous victim of the man that sexually abused me posted a YouTube video claiming that he was sexually abused by the same man and warning the residents to not let this man around their children.

This video allowed me to come forward and report my abuser to the police; he is now behind bars. After coming out I soon learned that sexual abuse is very prevalent; I was approached by several family members and friends that shared with me that they too were sexually abused at some point in their life. I was in disbelief by how many people are impacted by this crime and how little is known about it. In the meantime, I read a book titled Why I Didn’t Say Anything by Sheldon Kennedy, and in his book, he states how he wanted to create a foundation that supports victims of child sexual abuse; I was inspired.

I sought out existing foundations that are combating child sexual abuse and that is when I found The Joyful Child Foundation. From that moment on volunteering for The Joyful Child Foundation has been an amazing experience; I work with compassionate and caring individuals who are all driven to support the foundation’s mission. I find it an honor and a privilege to be involved with The Joyful Child Foundation.

– Jesse M. (Volunteer since 2013)


  • Walk2edge
    April 27, 2020

    So brave to share your story.

  • Denice Galvan
    July 22, 2020

    I would like to help out and see what it’s like to be at the place and experience what it’s like there and learn new things and try new things out.

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