Protect the most precious thing in the world

“I have worked for the Westminster School District in the Extended School Program for 18 years and love working with children. I am inspired everyday by the students in my program. They give me reason to develop myself to be the best role model I can be. Back in 2008 I had the opportunity to attend a child empowerment training, I was being sponsored by the Joyful Child Foundation. It was there that I met Erin and heard her story up close and personal. From that moment I knew my purpose in working with children was beyond just being a role model, it was to teach my students how to be their own role model and to protect the most precious thing in the world, themselves. I love the Joyful Child Foundation and I am proud to say that I wear many hats within this wonderful organization. I have taught countless BRAVE classes and I volunteer whenever I am able to. Erin is an astounding individual that has created this remarkable foundation from a tragic circumstance. I am thankful I am a part of this child empowerment movement, and will continue for many years to come.”

– Lisa P., Volunteer since 2008

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