Our goal is to ensure that every child is empowered with personal safety education. The more children are given opportunities to practice, the more they are able to cultivate an instinctual response to recognize, avoid, and if necessary, physically resist and escape inappropriate behaviors, abduction, or violence. To meet this challenge, The Joyful Child has developed an interactive life-skills program designed to promote health, personal safety, and resilience skills for students in Pre-School through 12th grade.

The objective is to develop each student’s ability to reduce the risk of victimization by providing knowledge and skills about safety.

There are two delivery models for The Joyful Child’s BRAVE Programs:

1) School-based supplemental health and physical education BRAVE Curricula for grades: Kindergarten - 12.

2) Community-based program with 90 minute age-appropriate BRAVE Workshops for children in Kindergarten – 12th Grade.

BRAVE Curricula K-12 Program Structure and Training

School Districts and individual school sites are invited to teach The Joyful Child BRAVE Curricula as a supplemental Health and Physical Education program. The Elementary and Middle School lessons are divided into 10 easy-to-follow lesson plans for the classroom that have complementary Physical Skills lesson plans for Physical Education. Teachers who piloted the BRAVE Curricula reported that the lesson plans are very easy to follow and fun to implement. The Program can be taught either as an intensive, consecutive block of curriculum for 45 minutes per day (or two or three times per week) until the program is complete, or on an extended schedule in 15-30 minute increments, as time permits, throughout the year.


Community Based BRAVE Workshop Program & Training

Community non-profit organizations, law enforcement, and other public agencies are invited to participate in a training to teach The Joyful Child’s BRAVE Workshops for children ages 5-17. These 90-minute workshops are designed to nurture each student’s ability to recognize potential dangers, verbalize discomfort or a need for help, and physically resist abduction or assault.

Adult Education for Child Protection

The Joyful Child’s Adult Education for Child Protection cultivates awareness of predatory crimes against children, offers specific steps to reduce the risk of victimization, and encourages ongoing prevention education in communities.

The Joyful Child trains volunteer Ambassadors to give groups of parents and caring adults important information and strategies to help keep children safe from abuse and abduction through a 60-minute presentation titled, “Preventing Child Abduction.”

Contact us to schedule this inspiring and empowering discussion about how we can create a safer community for all of our children. It takes a community to keep children safe and Ambassadors are the key to uniting communities in the protection of children.

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